I am so glad you are here to join me on this journey!  As you already know I started baking cookies aside from my parent's at our Café back in 2017 when I was in Pre-Kindergarten at McBride Pre-K Academy; I had the BEST TEACHERS in the WORLD then and certainly now. 

Now, even though I am still young, I want to go a step further in building up the Chinn Sister's Bakery for my sisters and I. With the values and determination I see in our parents I am sure we can go far. In addition, I want to prove to my peers that you are NEVER too young to accomplish your dreams; nor are you ever too old to start pursuing your dreams. My dreams are just beginning and I look forward to you coming out to support. Welcome to 


Today is a GOOD Day to be a GREAT DAY!!

“These little cookies are so good! It's almost addictive. They are so soft and chewy. Once you try one it's hard not to want more.”

Taylor Young

PawPaw's Caramel Pecan Cake

"This is the perfect pairing with coffee the next morning after eating dinner at Dat Taste of New Orleans the night before. It's so soft and fluffy and I promise I did not want to share. I love the story behind this cake. It makes you appreciate the little Chef that much more."

Karen Washington


"IF you ever want to indulge in Strawberry goodness; this fluffy masterpiece is just what you need! No one can ever go wrong with this on their dessert plate. I admire how every dessert has a story. "

Peggy Holloway


Huge shout out to Lil miss Chloe Chinn!! Yesterday this Princess made me a personal size PawPaw’s Pecan cake!! 🎂 Thank You Chloe!!💜💛 Did I mention how delicious this cake was? Chloe, keep baking these delectable desserts and Greenville let’s continue to support this Lil baker apprentice!

#supportChloeCookiesLLC #ChinnDynasty

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Chloe Camille Chinn


To know there are so many people that loves my homemade cookies and other desserts I make with my mom is motivation for me to do more and to always be my best! Thank you for allowing me to prepare desserts for you. I look forward to meeting more new supporters and doing more great deeds!!!