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Different Way to Have A Great Time!

Sure large crowds may be ideal for fun but things change. Come enjoy a nice, intimate evening in the midst of your closest family and friends or with that special someone. Everybody is in a hurry with the day to day demands. Take time to simply breathe and take in the moment of enjoyment a private setting can be to you.

Make Your Reservations! Your quite evening awaits you...

Simply email us directly to [email protected]  "Reservation Request" along with the date you desire and we will reply back with confirmation! 

In a hurry to get a date? Text 662-400-0096 to inquire availability for Reservations. 

All apologies in advance: We DO NOT accept same day Reservation Requests. NO GROUPS over 15 on-site due to COVID-19 Mandate

**This rule will remain effective until further notice. 

What our customers are saying

We reserved Saturday August 10 for a party of 20. Everything was prepared fresh seasoned well with beautiful presentation. The staff was friendly and very accommodating. We will return soon.

Glenda Cage Barner- Owner of Sugar's Place

We're having a good time and we don't see why it should stop.

Gretchen Jackson

What Our Guest Are Saying!!

Saturday February 13, 2021

I thought the private dining experience my husband gifted me with for my birthday last year was wonderfully extravagant, but our Valentine's private dinner at your quaint and intimate restaurant topped it easily. Besides every course being delectable, scrumptious, succulent and then add some "I just-wanna-stick-my-finger-in-this-sauce" delicious, the service was like none other we've experienced. No cap as my girls would say. We've dined in plenty of restaurants on just about every scale, from greasy burger joint to the best in fine dining in different places, but Cafe` Dat Taste of New Orleans claimed top spot on our list. Your service and attention to detail and guests care are beyond superb, exceptional and top-notch. We felt so valued and full, like I just want to cuddle and go to sleep full, and fully blessed to have finally gotten a reservation at just the right time. We thoroughly enjoyed every flavorful bite and appreciated the remarkable service. We'll be back, and I don't care what shape you bake that PawPaw's Caramel Pecan Cake in, just add a dollop of ice cream for a la mode for me please and thank you. That divine caramel can be sold as an extra offering for Valentine's😉😂. Thanks for being that good! No, great! #DatTasteoneverythang!!!😍🍽🥂

A. Renee Brown

October 30, 2020 ·

My sister and I have been on a mission to support Mr. & Mrs. Chinn for a long time and because of schedule conflicts, we’ve been unable to....buuuuut, tonight was theeeee night, baby, lol! WHOA! When I tell you EVERY—THING was absolutely amazing, I mean it! The customer service was superb, our food was deliciously hot, and the seasonings & sauces used were bangin’ with so much flavor. Wow! Above all else, you can tell the food is cooked with love because we literally felt it, and that’s only ONE reason why we will definitely be back!

If you’re looking for great, quality seafood from some of the sweetest people ever, then I HIGHLY recommend Cafè Dat Taste of New Orleans: Private Dining, LLC. I can assure you that you will NOT be disappointed!

Kiara S. Chinn, it was a pleasure to support you, sis. I pray nothing but God’s finest blessings upon you, your family, and your business. We love you guys and speak allllll things amazing over you! Thank you for an enjoyable experience! ♥️✨

Shenina S. Brown is with Charity Dunning and

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