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What our customers are saying

Greenville's Dat Taste of New Orleans takes you straight to the "bayou", in my cajun voice. From the building to the decoration to the music to the delicious food. If you've ever been to New Orleans you'll feel right at home. The portions were so large until we all had leftovers and went straight to sleep, now that's some good eating. Lol. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Chinn ,and Chloe for the dining experience.

-Genesis Miller Sr.

Café Favorites continued...

Our Cajun Creole Cuisines are not just in a little box. We offer a variety of homestyle meals with so much thought, preparation and love. Fulfilling and delightful in every bite. Send your tastebuds on a journey that will never have you lost.

St. Charles Seafood Platter​

Grilled Honey Glazed catfish filet topped with craw fish tails over yellow rice, shrimp skewer, two crab leg clusters, one lobster tail, craw fish and corn on a cob.

Camille Catfish Platter

Three whole Catfish filets, over yellow rice, corn on a cob, broccoli and grilled shrimp.

Seafood Étouffée

Thick homemade roux that  contains grilled served with grilled catfish., fried catfish, rice, broccoli and corn on cob.

Shrimp Creole

Cooked shrimp in a mixture of smoked sausages, diced tomatoes, the Holy trinity onion, celery and bell pepper), special seasoning, and served over white rice.

Red Beans & Rice

Camilla Red Beans slow cooked with smoked sausage and neck bones over white buttery rice. Served with one fried chicken wing and leg with sweet cornbread.

Da House Special

One crab leg cluster, one lobster tail and one dozen jumbo shrimp with broccoli. 

Lobster Tail Lovers

Four broiled lobster tails, one dozen jumbo shrimp seasoned broccoli crowns and Cajun corn on a cob. 

Lobster Tail Lovers

Couple's Dinner Packages

Because you deserve to be catered to!!!

VIP: Ultimate 

$199.99 & up

*Plus Catering fees & taxes


Five Course Meal

2 Porterhouse T Bone Steaks w/Red Potatoes & 2 Colossal Lobster Tails and Shrimp, 2 Chicken Alfredo sides

Fruit Tray, Bowl of Chicken Chili or Gumbo, & Chef Mentuer Salad

Dessert for Two

Mini VIP Platter available for prices starting at $175.00


Cajun Premium

$175.99 & up

*Plus Catering fees & taxes


Five Course Meal

Any two full size entrees of your choice; either one or both seafood meals.(*further details available at consultation)

Fruit Tray, Chicken Chili & Chef Mentuer Salad

Dessert for Two


Two Tastes



*Plus Catering fees & taxes

2:00-4:00p.m. Only Every Fourth Saturday each month. Reservations Required.

Two Course Meal

Fruit, Salad or Appetizer

Two full size entrees of your choice; 

(2) Beverages/Water of choice




Chef Paul Prudhomme

Three Little



Chinn Sisters